Paraguay (1932)

HQ Staff Car 1 -
Staff & Signals Radio Truck or
Radio Wagon
1 -

1st Infantry Division (at Puerto Casado)
Infantry Regiment No.2 Ytororo Infantry 2 -
Infantry Regiment No.4 Curupayti Infantry 2 -
Cavalry Regiment No.2 Colonel Toledo Cavalry 2 -

2nd Infantry Division (at Concepcion)
Infantry Regiment No.1 Dos de Mayo Infantry 2 -
Infantry Regiment No.3 Corrales Infantry 2 -
Cavalry Regiment No.1 Valois Rivarola Cavalry 2 -

3rd Infantry Division (at Bahia Negra)
Infantry Regiment No.5 General Diaz Infantry 2 -
Infantry Regiment No.8 Piribebuy Infantry 2 -

Independent Units
Infantry Regiment No.6 Boqueron Infantry 3 Recruited from the Cadet Academy and most important families in Paraguay
Infantry Regiment No.7 Viente Quatro de Mayo Infantry 2 -
Cavalry Regiment No.3 Colonel Mongelos Cavalry 2 -

Artillery Group No.1 General Bruguez 75mm Gun
Limber or
7.5km range

Engineer Battalion No.1 General Aquino Engineers & Truck 2, 3EP -

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