Megablitz FAQs

Q. What does a "combat box" look like?
A. It is an open rectangular tin or box, with a lid that can be fixed to one side so that when the dice are rolled in the box, they are not visible to the opposing player. (see picture here)

Q. What sequence do the troops move in?
A. Simultaneous

Q. What  is the range of a recce unit rolling for recce and the range of the counter recce?
A. Recce will usually inspect a terrain feature or previously detected enemy, although the 'enemy' player should note the route of the recce and behave honestly with regard to disclosing his troop's positions. Counter recce, like combat, is usually in base-to-base contact.

Q. Do supply units have to be in range of a supply dump or are their higher level logistical units at Corps (Soviet Army)?
A. Yes, although this is only relevant in fairly large games.

Q. If you lose your HQ, do you receive an HQ stand of 0 SP next turn or do you have to wait for 2 turns for a higher level HQ to send one?
A. It takes 2 turns.

Q. If you lose your HQ, what orders can you give to the formation's units? Do they have to continue to comply with their existing orders until a new HQ arrives?
A. The existing orders must be adhered to until the new HQ arrives.

Q. What is the significance of 'r' as opposed to 'R for recce units?
A. 'r' is light recce; 'R' is armoured recce.

Q. Are the bases sizes used with 20mm scale models suitable for use with 15mm scale models?
A. Most people use the same size bases for both 20mm and 15mm models. These are:

Infantry Battalions - 4cm x 4cm
Russian Rifle Regiments - 6cm x 6cm
Vehicles - 4 to 5cm x 10 to 12cm
Transport - 4cm x 12cm

Q. How long is a "Game Day"?
A. It depends upon the time and place when the battle is being fought. A single turn is the equivalent of two hours of movement and action.

Q. When does the overnight phase begin?
A. Once the 'Day' turns have finished.

Q. What is no overnight supply?
A. This is when a unit is not supplied during the overnight phase.

Q. When does the no re-supply for two nights come into effect; after two nights or when it is unlikely for two nights?
A. After two nights of no resupply.

Q. Is visibility the distance any unit can see the enemy, or just reconnaissance units?
A. It is the distance at which any unit can see the enemy.

Q. When rolling for casualties, do you roll 1d6 for each POL separately and refer to the casualty chart before moving onto LOG?
A. Yes.

Q. Do units have to move the full move of the order that they are in? (e.g. Does a wheeled unit with a 'Mobile' order have to move 6km in good going)
A. No.

Q. If units don't have to move the full move how do units with, for example 'Mobile' orders, 'bump into' enemy units with 'Static' orders?
A. This works best by either gentleman's agreement or by using hidden placement of defending units. It also happens when people who have not memorized the combat chart send 'Mobile' units piling into 'Static' units.

Q. Does everyone give their transport stands a transit order to benefit from the extra distance? (i.e. A wheeled unit can supply up to 40km)
A. LOG units usually shuffle along at a discreet distance behind the units they are supplying. Putting them in 'Transit' does not help much unless the units they are supplying are sitting on a  road (see the restrictions on transit movement).

Q. How does a supply unit with 'Static' orders supply other stands as it has a movement distance of 0kms?
A. By base-to-base contact. If the supply unit is 'Static' it is going to restrict their ability to supply anyone.

Q. Do LOG/POL stands get their points 'resupplied'?
A. Yes, during the overnight phase.

Q. Can Divisional/Corps LOG be used for Artillery stands if Limber LOGs are lost?
A. Yes. In Megablitz there is no distinction between different types of LOG except the difference between LOG and POL. LOG points is, therefore, interchangeable.

Q. Can a unit/division voluntarily use more LOG/POL points in a day than it can replenish?
A. A unit can only use the LOG/POL it has available. If resupply does not replenish enough then combat effectiveness of the unit/division will be reduced on the following day.

Q. If a unit in 'Mobile' moves up to attack a 'Static' unit, do both sides cause casualties with D5 scores of 5 and 6? If so there appears to be no advantage to being dug-in unless the digging in earns you a fortification advantage?
A. Wrong - the unit in 'Mobile' simply bounces off - probably after suffering casualties - whilst the unit in 'Static' sits safely in it's foxholes!

Q. Does the fortification advantage count for every round of combat rather than just the first?
A. Yes.

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