Books - Non-Fiction
Armoured Forces - A History of Armoured Forces and their Vehicles R M Ogorkiewicz This book has a thematic approach to the development of Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Armoured Forces. Of particular interest are the sections that deal with the development, organisation, and tactical use of different countries armoured formations, and the development of each nation's tanks designs.
Czechoslovak Armoured Fighting Vehicles 1918-1945 H C Doyle
C K Kliment
This is an illustrated guide to the Czechoslovak Armoured Fighting Vehicles that were developed during the pre-war period and after the German takeover. It includes data, photographs, and line drawings of most of the major types of tank used and developed by Škoda, ČKD, and Tatra.
The Defence of Britain Captain B Liddell Hart Published in July 1939, this book examines Britain's defences in the run-up to the World War that everyone thinks is about to start. The book has twenty four chapters that are split into five parts:
Part I: The Problem
I. The Question Every One is Asking
II. The Conditions of Defence
III. The Situation before Munich
IV. The Situation since Munich
V. The Method of defence - by Attack or Defence?
Part II: Security of the Base
VI. Can Britain be Invaded?
VII. Sea Defence
VIII. Air Defence
IX. Anti-Aircraft Defence
X. The Limitations of Air Warfare
Part III: Forward Positions
XI. The Defence of the centre - France
XII. The defence of the Left Flank - The Low Countries
XIII. The Defence of the Right - Switzerland
Part IV: The Reorganisation of the Army
XIV. The Historical Background: 1869-1937
XV. Exploration of the Problem: 1937
XVI. The Treatment of the Problem: 1937-8
XVII. Progress in reform: 1938-9
Part V: Aspects of Army reform
XVIII. The Organisation of the War Office
XIX. The System of promotion
XX. The Handling of the Army - New Tactics
XXI. The Reform of Drill
XXII. Basic Training
XXIII. The Reform of the Territorial Army
XXIV. The Expansion of the Territorial Army

The Fighting Tanks 1916-1933

Major R E Jones
Captain G H Rarey
1st Lieutenant R J Icks

The book traces the development of the Armoured Fighting Vehicle from its inception until 1933. It includes chapters devoted to tank armament and gunnery, anti-tank defence, unit organisation, and basic combat principles.

Imperial Japanese Tanks 1918-1945

Paul M Roland

This is an illustrated guide to the Japanese tanks that were used during the Second World War and pre-war period. It includes data and photographs of the major types of tank used and developed.