Books - Fiction
Biggles goes to war Captain W E Johns

Major James Bigglesworth ('Biggles'), Captain the Honourable Algernon Lacey ('Algy'), and 'Ginger' Hebblethwaite are invited to go to Maltovia ('a principality lying slightly to the north-east of the Black Sea') to set up that country's airforce at a time of rising tension with its slighty large neighbour, Lovitzna.

The Broken Ear Hergé Set in San Theodoros (a small republic in South America) during the run up to its war with it neighbour, Nuevo Rico, over ownership of the disputed Gran Chapo.

The Courts of the Morning

John Buchan

Set in Olifa, a fictional country (loosely based on Peru), that is located on the west coast of South American. The story revolves around a plot to take over the country and the revolution that takes place.

King Ottokar's Sceptre


Set in Syldavia, a small Balkan kingdom. The story revolves around the engineered political crisis that arises as a result of the theft of the King's Sceptre by agents working for Syldavia's potential enemy, Borduria.