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National Archive Searches
Of military history and genealogy
at the National Archives, London

Our areas of research include the following:- WW1 Soldiers ----- Pre-1914 Military ----- Royal Navy ----- Merchant Navy ----- Coastguard ----- Royal Marines ----- Royal Air Force ----- Metropolitan Police ----- Royal Irish Constabulary ----- North America & West Indies ----- Wills & Administrations ----- Australian Convicts ----- History Projects ----- SOE ----- WW2 War Crimes ----- GCHQ, (formerly GCCS) ----- Genealogy ----- Thesis or dissertation -- & -- Translations of Latin, Anglo-French and Medieval English documents.
We are able to conduct historical or genealogical research into the various subjects mentioned in the links above, most of which are held at the National Archives, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, London. The N.A. holds records of soldiers and officers who were discharged up to 1921. Military records include details of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English regiments. There are records of Royal Navy ratings who joined the service up to 1923, Royal Marines, Coastguards, Royal Air Force, Merchant Seamen, Metropolitan Police, Royal Irish Constabulary and Foreign Colonial Office records including those for the West Indies and early North American Colonies. We also undertake research into the trial records of prisoners in UK.
Bob O'Hara Before becoming an independent researcher at the National Archives in Kew, London, Bob O'Hara worked for many years at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Before that he served in the communications branch of the Royal Navy. Currently he leads a small team of researchers with degrees in such subjects as Classics and British Colonial history. Their dissertations include German War Crimes in WW2, Middle East Studies and The Nore Mutinies in the Royal Navy in 1797. The team has membership of the Royal Geographic Society and the Society of Genealogists and has access to various learned bodies and museums in London.

Finally, a note of caution. Please don't send us original documents unless we request them. Copies are fine for our use and we cannot be responsible for the safety and return of original documents sent to us.

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