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Welcome to Andrew's home page
I live in a Tower Block in Deptford, by the Thames in South East London, and this is my personal contribution to the World-Wide Web.

This site has become rather overcrowded recently, and some parts have been neglected for several years, so I have decided to get rid of all the redundant and out-of-date content and concentrate on a few key themes. In particular, this will enable me to provide more content for the, now substantial, travelogue pages.

You can e-mail us with your comments and questions by using the e-mail form.

The Deptford LadsDave and I, "The Deptford Lads", have travelled quite a lot over the past few years, particularly in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, and Canada. Our travelogue website has lots of information, pictures, maps and reviews from our trips to places such as Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Stockholm, North Yorkshire, Amsterdam, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Helsinki, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Nice, Cologne, Gothenburg, and more.

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The Tower Block

The Tower Block
Phase IV (15/05/05)

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