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Prospects Transitions Project

Prospects, The National Autistic Society's employment consultancy, is launching a new, two-and-a-half year project, which will help final year university students with Asperger syndrome into work.

The project is joint funded through the London Development Agency and the European Social Fund and is aimed at students who live and wish to work in the London area. The aim of the project is to work with students who have either just finished their studies or are about to enter their final year at university. The aim of the project is to help them develop the skills which they will need to find employment. This will be achieved through a mixture of workshops and one-to-one sessions, focusing on areas such as career choice, communication and interview skills as well as effective job searching. The project will run until 2007.

Prospects is currently looking for people, who meet the criteria to join the project. For more information about the Transitions project or to see if you would qualify to access it, please contact Judith Kerem on 020 7704 7450. Alternatively, we can be contacted via email. Email address is

Managing Asperger Syndrome at College and University by Juliet Jamieson and Clare Jamieson, David Fulton Publishers, 2004.

New e-booklet of advice for students with Asperger's

The University of Melbourne and the Australian Catholic University have produced a very useful e-booklet called "Towards Success In Tertiary Study with Asperger's syndrome and other autistic spectrum disorders", which can be downloaded for free from

A book about the college experiences of students with autism

Aquamarine Blue 5: Personal Stories of College Students with Autism edited by Dawn Prince-Hughes, published by Ohio University Press - out now!

Support for students with Asperger's syndrome in the UK

"Student support is a new initiative aimed at providing specialist support and guidance to students with Asperger syndrome and their place of learning. Advice and information is given by our consultants in helping to develop an understanding of the difficulties people with Asperger syndrome may face with regards to their studies. We also work on a one to one basis with the student and liase with staff and peers. Help is also given in setting up support networks such as mentors and providing effective strategies to aid independent learning. The support and advice is provided by Prospects, part of the National Autistic Society. For further information contact Judith Kerem, Work Preparation Team Leader, Prospects, 8 The Ivories, 6-8 Northampton Street, London N1 2HY.

Office Number 0207 704 7450

Work mobile 07795667749

Fax 0207 359 9440


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Because an autistic spectrum condition can make it harder to get a job, it's important to be prepared before you leave university.

ComputerWorld ran several articles on autism in the workplace, including 'My coding just flies' and Autistics offer unique skills.
There are two helpful articles on this topic by people with autism - Making the Transition from School to Work by Temple Grandin, and Survival In The Workplace by Stephen M. Shore.
In the UK, the NAS's Prospects Employment Consultancy helps find real jobs for high-functioning people on the autistic spectrum.

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